First Look at Lea at the Teen Choice Awards

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I have added the first batch of pics of Lea at the Teen Choice Awards!

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Stay Tuned!

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I apologize for being MIA recently. My personal life has gotten a bit busy but I am recommitting myself to the site … so stay tuned as I get the site up to date!

Fox Upfronts

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Yesterday Lea attended the Fox Upfronts in New York City. She looked gorgeous in a short green gown.

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‘Glee’: Are Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy teaming for a real ‘Funny Girl’ Broadway revival?

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Could Ryan & Lea be talking about doing Funny Girl on Broadway? Well Entertainment Weekly answers the question!

This season of Glee has seen Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) win her dream role as Fanny Brice in a Broadway revival of Funny Girl. But are Michele and series co-creator Ryan Murphy, who owns the rights to the show, planning their own real-life revival of the iconic musical? Earlier this year, Michele gave interviews saying that the pair were indeed interested in bringing Girl to the stage.

Now, Murphy is confirming those discussions. While sitting down with EW for this week’s cover on his adaptation of HBO’s The Normal Heart, Murphy revealed, “I have the rights to it. It’s something that we’re talking about. I’ve never done Broadway. I’ve always wanted to. Right now, we’re just sort of testing the waters with different people.”

But he adds that the project has a ways to go. He says, “[Lea] and I have made no mistake of our mutual love for that property, so if it could come together at a time that she’d be willing to make that commitment to go back to Broadway — which I don’t know that she is right now — it would have to be the right director and the right leading man.”

Lea Michele’s Inspiration List: The People, Places, and Things That Changed Her Life

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Teen Vogue spoke with Lea who shared with them her Inspiration List of the things that have inspired and changed her life.

Let’s be honest—we could all take a few pages out of this superstar’s book.

If we had to choose one way to describe Lea Michele (besides “funny,” “gorgeous,” and “extremely talented”), we would pick “inspirational.” Not only does she play one of the most musically dynamic characters on television, she also has an incredible outlook on life and a repeat-worthy album to boot.

But off the stage and outside the studio, the star is (somehow) even more admirable, supporting charities for everything from LGBTQ youth to homelessness, and serving as an ambassador for L’Oréal’s Women of Worth, which is all about celebrating those who make a difference in their communities through philanthropy. “I feel so blessed to have such a cool job and a great life and family,” she says, “but at the end of the day, giving back is truly what makes it all worth it.” Um, role model much?

So obviously Lea inspires us, which got us thinking: Who (and what, and where) inspires her? We asked her to share her biggest influences—and now they can be yours, too.

Favorite Songs
“Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You)’ is one of my favorite songs about strength and power. It was written by Ali Temposi who also wrote ‘On My Way’ for my record Louder.”

“‘Firework’ by Katy Perry gives me strength and makes me smile.” (You might also remember that Glee did an excellent rendition of the track.)

Favorite Female Performers
From one Teen Vogue cover girl to another, “Lorde is amazing. She writes all her own songs and they’re like poetry.”

“Sia is an incredible singer but also a fierce song writer. Her songs are so powerful, raw, and truthful.”

“I love Alanis Morisette. She’s so amazing! All of her songs are lyrically so beautiful and vocally she’s so strong.”

Favorite Movie
If you’ve ever seen an episode of Glee, this answer may not come as a surprise to you: “My favorite movie is Funny Girl. I love Barbra Streisand and her character Fanny Brice is so inspiring. She’s a woman trying to balance fame and love and she always leads with her heart which I admire. But she’s so strong and true to herself.” (How stunning does Lea look playing Fanny in a Glee episode?)

Favorite Place
“Anywhere in New York City brings me inspiration. Just walking down the street while listening to music makes me feel strong and confident.”

Favorite people
“My family and friends are such great inspiration for me all the time. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with positive strong people who motivate you and make you a better you.”

And some last advice on confidence and self-worth: “Being your true self is the best, most empowering thing you can do. Finding joy and peace within is the greatest thing and makes you feel invincible and unstoppable.”

Costume Institute Gala

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Last night Lea attended the Costume Institute Gala at the Met in New York City. Lea wore a gold custom Altuzarra gown which she accessorized with jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz and Christian Louboutin heels. A giant thank you to my friends Claudia & Holly for sending some of these pics to me!

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Event Pics from the Last Month

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I am all done playing catch up … the last edition to the gallery are the events Lea has done over the last month that were missing from the gallery! Included are pics from the A Taste of Cure event this weekend!

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Lea in Domaine Home

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Lea is featured in the new issue of Domaine Home …

When actress and singer Lea Michele asked us to help transform her outdoor space, we jumped at the chance. “The two things I wanted were to add color and to make it more comfortable,” says Michele of her idea for an outdoor space better suited to hosting in LA’s near-perfect weather. With that in mind, our own Estee Stanley and Mat Sanders reimagined spring’s palette in fresh Sunbrella fabrics, plopped concrete poodles from LA’s Inner Gardens on the poolside, and transformed Lea’s space into an outdoor wonderland using mixed pieces from Crate & Barrel‘s spring outdoor collections. Read on for Lea’s tips on nailing the looks she loves most in your own backyard.

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Glee Stills

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I have gotten a bit behind on updates so I am playing catch up. I have added the most recent episode stills from Glee to the gallery!

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Cannonball Studio Video

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Lea released this studio video of her song “Cannonball”